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General Odontology in Tijuana

General Odontology

Implantology in tijuana


Dental Veneers in tijuana

Dental Veneers

Advanced Dentistry in tijuana

Advanced Dentistry

Orthodontics in tijuana


Oral Surgery in tijuana

Oral Surgery

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 General cleaning in tijuana

General cleaning

It is a basic dental cleaning that removes dental plaque, with the aim of preventing diseases of the oral cavity. Prophylaxis is recommended every 6 months.

Teeth Whitening  in tijuana

Teeth Whitening 

It is a treatment that lightens the original tone of the teeth and improves dental aesthetics. It should be done with a health professional, since not all patients are candidates, especially those with dental sensitivity.

Dental prosthesesin tijuana

Dental prostheses

They are used to restore or replace one or more teeth, in order to restore occlusal function and improve the relationship between the jaws.


Orthodontics in tijuana

It is a treatment that allows the movement of the dental pieces to correct dental crowding and relationship between jaws. The time varies depending on the needs of each patient.

Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening in tijuana

Surgical procedure whose function is to remodel the contour of the gum tissues around one or more teeth to allow its rehabilitation.


endodontics in tijuana

A procedure to remove all or part of the tooth's pulp (known as the nerve) and seal the pulp canal. One of the most common causes is deep carious lesions.

Dental implants in tijuana

Dental implants

The dental implant is a titanium screw compatible with the human body that allows  us to replace the root of the missing tooth. This dental implant is placed through surgery performed by our specialists. It is undoubtedly  the best option to replace a tooth.

Tooth Extractionin tijuana

Tooth Extraction

Procedure whose objective is to remove a dental piece or part of it. Some of the causes are periodontal disease, extensive carious lesions, trauma or fracture. In some cases it is indicated for orthodontic treatment.


sealants in tijuana
Dental Veneers in tijuana

Dental Veneers

They are prostheses that are fixed to the front of the teeth permanently, correcting problems of color, shape and even filling the spaces that could exist between the teeth and thus improve dental aesthetics.

Restoration in tijuana


It allows restoring its anatomy to a damaged tooth and with it its functionality. The type of restoration and material to use depends on the tooth damage, in severe cases the need for another treatment is evaluated.

A thin layer of resin is applied to cover the teeth and prevent disease. It is normally applied to premolars and molars and is  frequently  performed on children, since they are more susceptible to developing carious lesions

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